How It Works

Create your Shop and fill it with things like sponsored shout-outs, personalized tutorials, product demos and more. Get creative!
Customers can find you on CreatorMark, by browsing the marketplace. You can also share a custom link to your Shop.
Get customers, fulfil the orders, get paid! CreatorMark will drive your income while fuelling your passions.

CreatorMark can increase your social media income by 30%

This is an entirely new way to make money on social. Many creators find that selling digital products to small businesses, eCommerce stores, and startups can meaningfully increase their income. You might also make money from other places, like influencer marketing with big brands and more. But CreatorMark will deliver more consistent income - sometimes a lot more.

Why Choose CreatorMark?

Entirely new income stream

Sell digital products and services to your fans and followers. Make money in a whole new way.

Direct customer relationships

No agencies, networks, or middlemen. You set your pricing and deal directly with your customers.

Every social media platform

From Twitter to TikTok, CreatorMark has you covered. Make money on any platform.

Affordable for everyone

Not just for big brands. Sell what you want, to who you want.